Tuesday 30 July 2019

AWS ParallelCluster is obtainable in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

AWS ParallelCluster is an AWS-supported open source cluster management tool which assists you to deploy and control High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters in the AWS cloud which makes it simple for scientists, researchers, and IT administrators. Developed on the open source CfnCluster project, AWS ParallelCluster allows you to swiftly design an HPC compute environment in AWS. It automatically sets up the desired compute resources and shared filesystem. AWS ParallelCluster can use with a diversity of batch schedulers, like AWS Batch, SGE, Torque, and Slurm. AWS ParallelCluster seamlessly initiate proof of concept deployments and production deployments faster. Besides, you can design higher level workflows, like a genomics portal which automates complete DNA sequencing workflow, over AWS ParallelCluster. This AWS ParallelCluster is accessible in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) AWS region. HPC clusters are groups of firmly linked compute, storage, and networking resources which allows users to execute big scale scientific and engineering workloads. It lessens the operational overhead of cluster management and clarifies ongoing HPC workloads on AWS. You can use AWS ParallelCluster without any extra charges, you just charge for the AWS resources required to execute your applications. AWS ParallelCluster is available in all AWS commercial regions and GovCloud regions. To know further about how to initiate an HPC cluster with the help of AWS ParallelCluster, click here.

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