Tuesday 23 July 2019

Now Amazon ECS Console allows AWS App Mesh integration

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a scalable, rapid, container management service which is simple to execute, stop, and handle Docker containers on a cluster. AWS App Mesh is a service mesh depends on the Envoy proxy which is simple to observe and handle microservices. App Mesh systematizes how your microservices communicate, providing you end-to-end visibility and assisting to certify high-availability for your applications. When designing or reforming an ECS task definition in the ECS console, now you have the potential to add the task to a mesh in AWS App Mesh. AWS App Mesh is a service mesh which offers application-level networking that is simple for your services to communicate with each other over different kinds of compute infrastructure. App Mesh utilizes the open-source Envoy proxy as a sidecar container for service-to-service communication. Now ECS console can automatically add the Envoy container to your task definition, set up the proxy configuration parameters, add the Envoy container to your mesh, and configure container startup ordering for you. To get the complete list of AWS Region where the simplified App Mesh integration in the ECS console is accessible, refer AWS Region Table. And to know more about the Amazon ECS and AWS App Mesh, read documentation.

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