Wednesday 24 July 2019

Amazon EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations Launched By AWS

Now, you can access custom-generated Amazon EC2 resource optimization recommendations in AWS Cost Explorer. These recommendations recognize inactive and underuse instances over your accounts and regions. To create these recommendations, AWS examines your historical EC2 resource utilization, your Amazon CloudWatch metrics, and your live reservation footprint to discover chances for cost savings (e.g., by closing inactive instances or downsizing active instances to lower-cost options). For example, if your m5.2xlarge has a extreme usage of 20% over the last 14 days, AWS may suggested downsizing that instance to m5.xlarge or m5.large and display you how much you can preserve depends on your utilization and your applicable m5 family reservations. To begin with, click on the Recommendations summary link on the AWS Cost Explorer sidebar to see your resource- and reservation-related recommendations. From the Resource Optimization page, you can explore your personal resource recommendations, download them in CSV form, and perform correspondingly. Besides resource optimization recommendations can also accessed through the AWS Cost Explorer API. To know further on how to begin with Amazon EC2 resource optimization recommendations, read blog post or the Optimizing your Costs with Rightsizing Recommendations user guide.

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