Monday 17 June 2019

Now AWS CloudFormation Assisted By AWS Amplify Console

A Git-based workflow for deploying and hosting fullstack serverless web applications is offered by AWS Amplify Console. The AWS Amplify Console is a constant delivery and hosting service for latest web applications. A fullstack serverless app includes a frontend built with one page application frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, or Gatsby and an elective backend built with cloud resources like GraphQL or REST APIs and file and data storage. Join to your code repository and your front end and backend are deployed in one workflow, on each code commit. This certifies that your web application is updated after the deployment is successfully finished, removing variabilities between your application front end and backend. AWS CloudFormation gives a prevalent language for you to define and provision all the infrastructure resources in your cloud environment and clarifies the roll out over several AWS accounts and/or regions with only few clicks. Now AWS CloudFormation template can use to provision Amplify Console resources, allowing repeatable and reliable web app deployments. To know further on how to provision an Amplify Console CloudFormation template read AWS blog.

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