Monday 29 April 2019

Advanced Parameters Launched By AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store gives secure, hierarchical storage for configuration data management and secrets management. You can save data like passwords, database strings, and license codes as parameter values. Also can save values as plain text or encrypted data. Then you can reference values with the help of unique name which you defined when you produced the parameter. Highly scalable, available, and durable, Parameter Store is backed by the AWS Cloud. Now, AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store launched advanced parameters which offer 3 improved potentials. Advanced parameters allow you to generate more than 10,000 parameters, utilize larger parameter value size (up to 8 KB) and attach policies to your parameter that can be use to save parameters with long values like certificates with long key chains. Besides, it allows you to configure policies like expiration, expiration notification and no-change notification. Expiration policy gives the potential to define an expiration date and time. Expiration notification policy aids you trail parameters which are going to be end shortly. No-change notification policy aids you trace parameters which are not altered for a defined period of time. Advanced parameters are charged per parameter per month, and per API interaction, refer pricing page for details. This new feature is obtainable in every commercial regions and AWS GovCloud (US). To know further about AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, refer product page.

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