Wednesday 2 January 2019

Now Monitoring Dashboard covered by AWS WAF Security Automations Solution

AWS WAF is a firewall web application which allows users to swiftly build custom, application-particular set of rules that occlude frequent attack patterns that can influence application availability, harm security, or absorbs immoderate resources. AWS WAF can be absolutely managed through APIs that offers easy security automation, allowing fast rule propagation and fast incident response. Now, AWS has updated the AWS WAF Security Automations solution. This updated solution provides new AWS WAF features: IPv6 support for scanner and probe security, and support for non-octet CIDR boundaries for IP reputation. Additionally, the solution contains a monitoring dashboard, which can be utilized to configure a custom baseline monitoring system for any critical endpoint. This updated AWS Solutions features are obtainable on the AWS Answers webpage, where users can search frequent questions by category to get answers in the form of short Solution Briefs or extensive Solutions, which are AWS-assessed, automated, turnkey reference executions which address particular business requirements.

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