Thursday 3 January 2019

Now AWS Management Console is Accessible in AWS GovCloud (US) for Usability Enhancements

AWS Management Console is a user dashboard which is browser related GUI for Amazon Web Services (AWS). A user can handle their cloud computing, cloud storage and other resources running on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure via AWS Management Console. Now, the AWS Management Console makes it simple to search and access your favorite services. The AWS Management Console instinctively observes whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or widescreen monitor, and it resizes the on-screen content so you can simply access your favorite services. When you click into the search bar, you can view a list of AWS services with simple-to-follow instructions, even before you start typing. This enable you to search associated services faster related to your requirements. These advancements are accessible in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. To get started with these features, go to the AWS Management Console.

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