Monday 17 December 2018

Now AWS Step Functions Available in EU (Paris) And South America (Sao Paulo)

AWS Step Functions is a workflow automation service which enables you to create and update applications faster. With the help of AWS Step Functions, you can build application workflows which join and cooperate several AWS services. For example, your workflow can trigger AWS Lambda functions, yield AWS Batch jobs and halt for them to finish, execute AWS Fargate actions, start AWS Glue jobs, create Amazon SageMaker jobs, and more. Besides these AWS Step Functions workflows can also execute any application which can make an HTTPS connection, anyhow of where it is hosted. AWS Step Functions automatically activates and records every step, and retries when there are mistakes, so your application runs in order and as considered. AWS Step Functions is now available in the EU (Paris) and South America (Sao Paulo) Region. Visit AWS Regions, for an entire list of regions where AWS Step Functions is provided.

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