Wednesday 14 November 2018

AWS CodePipeline assists Cross-Region Actions

AWS CodePipeline is a quite organized software development service where code changes are automatically created tested, and prepared for a delivery to production service which assist you automate your delivery pipelines for quick and dependable application and infrastructure updates. AWSCodePipeline enables you to blueprint the disparate phases of your software delivery process using the console interface, the AWS CLI, AWS CloudFormation, or the AWS SDKs.

With the AWS CodePipeline, you can simply define the tests to execute and modify the steps to utilize your application and its dependencies. AWS CodePipeline helps you swiftly repeat on feedback and acquire new features to your users rapidly. AWS CodePipeline helps you to expand to modify your specific requirements and you can deftly integrate AWS CodePipeline with third-party services like GitHub or with your own custom plugin. There are no upfront wage or long-term vows. AWS CodePipeline charge only for what you use.

Formerly, you required to set-up a pipeline in a region in series for CodePipeline to execute actions in that region. But now you can add cross-region actions like additional region deployments to upgrade your application's latency and availability. AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or AWS CloudFormation can be used to configure cross-region actions with AWS CodePiline. Cross-region actions are obtainable where CodePipeline is available.

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