Friday 23 November 2018

Amazon Route 53 Resolver launched by Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. Amazon Route 53 is created to offer developers and businesses an acutely valid and cost effective way to send end users to Internet applications by converting names like into the numeric IP addresses like which systems utilize to join to each other. Amazon Route 53 is entirely adaptable with IPv6 as well. Amazon Route 53 to match domain names to your Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon CloudFront distributions, and other AWS resources. It also provides Domain Name Registration – you can buy and handle domain names like and Amazon Route 53 will automatically configure DNS settings for your domains. To enable resolution of DNS namespaces between your on-premises data center and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), design DNS endpoints and conditional forwarding rules.

Route 53 Resolver contains the Amazon DNS Server (AmazonProvidedDNS) that is obtainable automatically in every Amazon VPCs and replies to DNS queries from AWS resources for public records, Amazon VPC-specific DNS names, and Amazon Route 53 private hosted zones. Route 53 Resolver makes hybrid cloud simple for enterprise customers by allowing effortless DNS query resolve over your whole hybrid cloud. Users with workloads leveraging both Amazon VPCs and on-premises resources too require to solve private DNS logs hosted on-premises. Amazon Route 53 Resolver rules grant users to conditionally forward DNS requests from your VPC to an on-premises DNS resolver. For further information, go through the documentation

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