Monday 12 November 2018

Amazon RDS for Oracle announced support for Extended Data Types

Oracle® Database is a relational database management system developed by Oracle. Amazon RDS makes it simple to set up, run, and scale Oracle Database deployments in the cloud. You can use several editions of Oracle Database in minutes with cost-efficient and re-sizable hardware capacity with Amazon RDS. Amazon RDS releases you up to concentrate on application development by organizing time-consuming database administration tasks containing provisioning, backups, software patching, monitoring, and hardware scaling.

Amazon RDS Oracle version 12c supports extended data types. The maximum size is 32,767 bytes for the VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW data types with extended data types. To use extended data types, set the MAX_STRING_SIZE parameter to EXTENDED or keep the MAX_STRING_SIZE parameter set to STANDARD (the default) if you don't want to use extended data types. When this parameter is set to STANDARD, the size limits are 4,000 bytes for the VARCHAR2 and NVARCHAR2 data types, and 2,000 bytes for the RAW data type.

You can allow extended data types on a new or existing DB instance. For new DB instances, when you allow extended data types, DB instance creation time is typically longer. For existing DB instances, the DB instance is unavailable during the conversion process. Refer to Amazon RDS Pricing for pricing and regional availability.

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