Monday 5 November 2018

Amazon Lightsail announces Managed Databases

Amazon Lightsail broadcasts the inclusion of managed databases to its simple-to-use cloud platform, permitting you to design a fully configured database in minutes for a low, probable cost. Lightsail databases bunch jointly a database instance, SSD-backed storage, a data transfer allocation, and management tools, starting at $15/month. Lightsail databases support MySQL (PostgreSQL coming soon) in all regions where Lightsail is available. You can build Lightsail databases with the Lightsail console and the Lightsail CLI/SDK.

You can scale your databases separately of your virtual servers, upgrade the availability of your applications, or simply execute standalone databases in the cloud with the Lightsail databases. Now, you can simply utilize multi-tiered applications utterly within the Lightsail experience by merging Lightsail load balancers, virtual servers, and managed databases. Lightsail automatically executes fimilar maintenance tasks, like mending the fundamental database infrastructure and OS, and improving databases between small versions as a completely managed service.

Besides, Lightsail assists you retain your data secure by giving data encryption and protecting connection information with integrated password management. You get advantage from free automated backups and point-in-time restores, and you can ingress metrics and database logs anytime via the Lightsail console with the Amazon Lightsail. Further, you can upgrade the redundancy and availability of your applications by using High Availability plans and on-demand database snapshots.

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