Monday 26 November 2018

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis offers auto-failover and backup/restore assistance for T2 nodes

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a rapid Redis-compatible in-memory data structure service which can be utilized as a data store or cache that gives sub-millisecond latency to command real-time internet-scale applications. This is constructed on Open Source Redis and compatible with the Redis APIs, ElastiCache for Redis operates with your Redis clients and uses the open Redis data format to save your data. Your self-organized Redis applications can work smoothly with ElastiCache for Redis without any code modification. It delivers the ease-of-use and power of Redis along with the availability, reliability, scalability, security, and performance suitable for the most demanding applications. Amazon ElasticCache offers potential of Redis with security, performance, scalability, reliablity, and availability best fitted for the very challenging real-time applications like Gaming, Ad-Tech, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Financial Services, and IoT.

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis aids Redis cluster mode and offers high availability through support for automatic failover by finding the first node failure and upgrading the copy to be the first with least influence. It enables for read availability for your application by assisting read copies over availability zones, to allow the reads to be performed when the first is occupied with the high workload. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis now offers auto-failover and backup/restore for T2 node types. This introduction allows you to create development and test domains related to T2 nodes that have equivalent setups as production general-purpose M and compute-optimized R node domains. You can generate snapshots of your ElastiCache for Redis clusters executing on T2 nodes that can be utilized for restore operations. This feature is accessible in every regions and for each current and new ElastiCache for Redis T2 Clusters. To create a new cluster or alter your current cluster, refer AWS Management Console.

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