Friday 26 October 2018

Amazon ADS announced Data Exploration to design your Migration

Amazon Application Discovery Service (ADS) aid organization customers to design relocation of their projects by collecting data related to their on-premises data centers. Data migration requires ample of workloads which are frequently dependent. This Data Migration technique includes two vital steps that are Server Utilization Data and Dependency Mapping. ADS gathers and shows behavior data, usage and configuration from your servers that assists you grasp your workloads. Application Discovery Service ADS data exploration permits you to simply query data that Application Discovery Service agents can drag from your on-premises servers in single location which gives you a chance to gauge and plan for relocation project. Gathered data from all agents will be saved in Amazon S3 bucket and data will be updated automatically when you starts the Data Exploration option from Migration Hub Console.

To learn more about the Data Exploration feature, go here.

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