Thursday 16 August 2018

You can now use the new version of PHP 7.2 to develop the AWS Elastic Beanstalk applications

With the latest support for PHP 7.2 by AWS Elastic Beanstalk application, you can now develop Elastic Beanstalk applications. The latest version of the PHP 7.2 comes with numerous features and improvements such converting numeric keys in an array/object cast, object typehint, new sodium extension, improve TLS constants to the same value, HashContext as an object, Mcrypt extension removed and Argon2 in password hash. By using the Elastic Beanstalk console or via Elastic Beanstalk API and AWS command line interface you can now upgrade the existing AWS Elastic Beanstalk PHP environment. To change or upgrade to the new version and navigate to the management page and look over to the overview section under the configuration and click change. Then choose the platform version but you can also update to any version you have used and then click on save. 

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