Friday 10 August 2018

Photobox Group ahead of its schedule of migrating 10PB of image data to AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud

Photobox Group is an online image printing company that have up to 5.7 million images that are uploaded by the customers that use their service to order physical copies of the digital photographs. Now with the rise of AWS Cloud Services, enterprises have known that cloud is the only way that can now give them more efficiency and scalability. So now the Image Printing Company has now migrated 10 PB of image data to the AWS Cloud 5 months ahead of its schedule by using the AWS Snowball appliances. 

Earlier the images were stored in two different collocation data centers in Europe. Photobox wanted to deliver a much faster website for its customers and it also becomes easy to manage the huge chunk of data so it migrated the date from the data center to the AWS Public Cloud. 

Richard Orme, CTO of Photobox Group said that the company’s on-premise was using more attention and efforts to manage instead of spending time and money on the future growth of the company. He explained that they were they spending too much time on building infrastructure so to keep up with the flow of photos that they were ingesting and finding compression technology to reduce the size of the images without losing the data. They realized that they were just spending a lot of time and efforts in just keeping the company’s continuity but not in the company’s growth. So they knew it was the time to make a switch to much better technology that can help them manage the core part of the business.

At the initial, they thought that it will 12 months to migrate the data from the datacenters into the AWS S3 cloud storage by using the AWS Snowball appliance but astonishingly the migration process just finished in 5 months. 

Snowball was introduced in 2015 by Amazon Web Services that eliminates the high data migration cost the company normally incur when moving the data into AWS Cloud. AWS Snowball appliance is first delivered to the customer then the customers upload all the data into the appliance and send it to the Amazon data center. AWS uploads all your data into the AWS Cloud directly from the Snowball appliance by saving your time, efforts and money. Orme said that each Snowball has 100 TB of capacity and they used 90 of snowball appliances because of the amount of data that they hold because of the being Europe’s largest consumer photo database. 

When the migration project started in January 2018 they came across some problems by finding out that the Snowball appliance was quickly filling up and it was taking more time than expected to migrate the data. But Amazon enabled a feature that will compress thousand of images into a single file transfer. This kick-started their project to finish much faster and also save a significant amount of cost. 

As the migration of the data got completed, Photobox is now using Artificial Intelligence to assist the customers in making the most of their platform. It will help the team in the knowing the content of the photo that helps in knowing the context of the photo. This way the company and the customers are getting creative in designing process. Artificial Intelligence provides historical data for inspiration or suggestion for the customers that can use it for the designing and it helps them tell the story. 

PhotoBox Group leveraging AWS Cloud services such as data storage and Artificial Intelligence proves that Cloud does help the company set milestones. Enterprises not only save cost and time but also bring efficiency and scalability in their services and operations.

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