Wednesday 1 August 2018

Dell Boomi has announced its migration to the AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud

Dell Boomi a Cloud Integration platform provider is now moving to AWS Cloud by shifting its management platform to Amazon Web Services. Chris McNabb, Chief Executive said that they will be wrapping up the migration to the AWS Cloud in the next month or so.

McNabb was joined by the Boomi Asia-Pacific and Japan managing director Michael Evans and Chief Product Officer Steve wood in Melbourne. The Executives mentioned that the shift to the AWS Cloud was on track. McNabb while speaking to CRN made it clear that the shift to the AWS Cloud was only operational, testing and programming platform so it will not influence the level of integration to be offered.

He further explained that there are two parts to their product by saying that there is a place where the products are tested to see whether they work or no and there is another place where the actual integrations happen. The data are been stored in many places including Azure and Amazon and also in Personal Data Center and Private Clouds and so on. He said that they are moving their platform from the previous provider to AWS and it is going to take 9 months to get the project completed. He added that they will be done with the migrations in the next month or so. McNabb didn’t disclose as to who the previous provider was.

A spokesperson from Dell Boomi said that this strategic plan was developed by moving the Boomi platform to the AWS Cloud so to provide their customers an enhanced level of customer support and improve the Service Level Agreement for their customers. The spokesperson also added that AWS has excellent services that enhance the elasticity, provisioning and storage performance.  

McNabb explained on the topic of the Partner Business that the partners in Australia had to deliver IT modernization to the customers where many businesses still holding back when it came to cloud or mobile project by legacy systems and infrastructure. He said that there is a big growth for Boomi globally and the region by stating that they had started in this region two years again and it now growing continuously at a faster rate and they are trying to change and go for a global expansion. The Chief Executive said that they have observed a faster growth with their technology and loved the opportunity that they were getting to serve major customers.

Dell Boomi is reaching out for a global expansion of their company and they have come to realize that to deliver services globally they also need to be the best in the market. With the latest update about their migration and partnerships with different vendors and services has proved that they are improving and upgrading their services to the next level. Shifting their management platform to the AWS Cloud is one of the many steps that they are making to achieve Excellency into their business. Running their management platform on the AWS Cloud will not only improve their service but also bring efficiency into their management and operations.

Amazon Web Services is rising powerfully in the Cloud Market which has ultimately given a rise in cloud adoptions among the Large Enterprises and Small Enterprises. AWS Cloud can be utilized by any size or type of the business operating with the need for efficiency in their business. Amazon Cloud Services are driving companies into excellence by boosting their speed and agility.

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