Friday 24 August 2018

AWS IoT analytics allows you to customize your analysis feature and container execution for operational insights

AWS has now added a new feature to IoT analytics that allows you to customize the container execution for analysis and also enables you to customize the capture time so that it only records the data you need. You can now create your own containers with custom authored code and build it using third party tools such as Python, Octave, Matlab, R, etc or IoT analytics Jupyter Notebooks and execute them for continuous analysis. The containers that are custom built the execution can be automated to run on the continuous schedule that will meet your business needs. If you are using IoT analytics Jupyter Notebooks then you just need to create an executable container image of the Jupyter Notebook code and schedule its execution on AWS IoT analytics for continuous analysis. You can also customize the time windows to only record the data that you need by scanning only the incremental data instead of the entire data which will then increase the efficiency and lower cost.

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