Friday 3 August 2018

AWS Internet of Things Device Defender is now available

AWS IoT device defender was launched in AWS re-event 2017 a fully managed service that secures the fleet of IoT devices. AWS has now announced that AWS IoT Device defender is now generally available. AWS IoT Device Defender can be used to monitor device behavior, receive alerts and utilize best security practices so this way you can evaluate and resolve the security issues. AWS IoT Device Defender audits the configuration of the Internet of Things resources that are integrated with the devices so as to make sure that the users are not alleviating from the best security practices. You can now easily manage and implement IoT configurations such as restricting overly permissive access, generating unique device identities and using the valid certificate for identification. AWS IoT Device Defender keeps a lookout for any unusual activity or unexpected behavior that could compromise devices. If there is any unusual activity detected by AWS IoT Device Defender it notifies the user so that it can take immediate action to fix issues.  

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