Tuesday 17 July 2018

How AWS Cloud Directory Service benefit developers and business?

AWS cloud directory

If you are using a Windows Server then you must be familiar with the Microsoft Active Directory. Now Amazon has introduced its own Cloud Directory Service for Amazon Web Services which is a highly available multi-tenant directory service that allows the customers to build flexible cloud-native directories for arranging or organizing hierarchical information.

AWS Cloud Directory offers you a wide range of use cases such as device registries, course catalogs, and organizational charts. The Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service only supports a single hierarchy where on other hand Cloud Directory allows the customers to create directories with hierarchies that can spread over different dimensions. So Cloud Directory does not enforce any limit on organizing the cloud directory.  

The directories can be scaled automatically that can reach to hundreds of millions of objects required for applications. So this enables the developers and operation staff to focus on the development and deployment of the applications and not managing the directory infrastructure. 

In AWS Cloud Directory the users can store object data, assign attributes to the objects or create links between the objects. AWS Cloud Directory builds a relationship with other objects in a hierarchical fashion. For example, you can create an organization chart that can be listed under different hierarchies and then it can be assigned with attributes to the objects in the organizational chart. 

A traditional Directory Service provides relevant IT resources that the customers need to access but the new Directory Service is doing more than just that. It is taking the Directory Service to a whole new level by defining it completely different by providing more flexibility and efficiency in the provisioning of IT services and resources. Cloud Directory is a graph based directory store that offers a building block for the developer with the ease of developing and deploying applications. 

With the AWS Cloud Directory Service, you can easily build a directory based applications without worrying about the availability, deployment, global scale, and performance. You can build an application that provisions device registry, product catalogs, customer management, user and group management, address books and permissions or policy management. New directory objects can be defined so that it meets the application requirement. AWS Cloud Directory eradicates the expensive administrative and time-consuming tasks such as managing servers and scaling the infrastructure. 

Amazon Cloud Directory was built to organize multiple hierarchies of the directory data. All the objects and data that is stored can be defined with the attributes that create relationships among the objects, set custom inheritance rules for the directory and create a wide number of schemas. 

The flexible schema management offered by the AWS Cloud Directory allows you to extend the directory schema as required. Applications can extend the schema independently which avoids the duplication of the data. 

Cloud Directory is a fully managed service that eliminates the expensive and time-consuming administrative task by simply defining the schema and then create a directory and populate it by making calls to the Cloud Directory API

You can search objects and relationships within the directory with the help of Cloud Directory built-in search capabilities. AWS Cloud Directory is highly secure directory service that encrypts the data automatically by using the 256-bit encryption keys. 

Earlier, the IT resources was on-premise and the users accessed the resource via Microsoft Active Directory but now with the migration to the cloud, it has changed the Active Directory model entirely. Before Microsoft Active Directory was build to support Windows-based devices but the shift to the AWS Data centers arose some complexity. Therefore, AWS Directory Service was introduced so to compensate with the Active Directory limitations in the AWS Cloud. 

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