Wednesday 18 July 2018

Amazon Introduces Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager for Elastic Block Store Snapshots

Amazon Data Lifecycle manager is now introduced by Amazon for Elastic Block Storage offers an automated and simple process to back up the data stored on the Amazon Elastic Block Storage. When you create the lifecycle policies which will be based tags, you can define the retention and the backup schedules for the Elastic Block Storage Snapshots. Now with this latest support, you don’t have to depend on custom scripts to create or manage the backups. Amazon Elastic Block storage tenaciously delivers block storage volumes for the Amazon Elastic Cloud compute instances in the AWS. The data in the EBS is protected by creating a point in time snapshots of the Elastic Block Storage volumes that are backed up in Amazon S3. You have to first tag the EBS volumes and then you have to start creating the lifecycle policies through Amazon Data LifeCycle Manager. Through the AWS Management Console, you can set policies or you call the new APIs using the AWS Command Line Interface. 

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