Thursday 24 May 2018

What is Amazon Sumerian?

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Amazon Web Services at the AWS re: Invent 2017 announced the launch of Amazon Sumerian. Amazon Sumerian is a tool kit that does not need any expert specializing in programming or 3D graphics expertise. You can build Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D experience for a wide range of popular hardware platform including web browsers, head-mounted displays, mobile devices and digital signs. 

AWS just recently announced that Amazon Sumerian is now generally available. You can create realistic virtual scenes and environments without any master specialized tool required for 3D modeling, audio editing, animation, or programming. Once you have a created you can then deploy it on multiple platforms without any need of writing any custom deal or code with specialized deployments systems and processes. 

Amazon Sumerian provides a web-based editor that you can use it easily and quickly to create professional and realistic quality scenes. The visual scripting tool allows you to build logic to control how the characters and the objects respond to the user actions. Sumerian enables you to create natural and rich interaction powered by the Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Polly, Lex, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda and AWS IoT. Sumerian was designed to be supported on various platforms. The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications that you build in Sumerian will operate in browsers that support the WebGL or WebVR and also on popular devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Android, and iOS. 

Amazon Sumerian

During the preview period, AWS was working on a wide spectrum of customers for putting Sumerian to the test and creating proof of the concept projects designed to specify an equally broad range of use cases including field service productivity, employee education, virtual concierge, brand engagement, design and creative and training simulations. Fidelity labs were the first to use the Amazon Sumerian host to build an engaging Virtual Reality experience. Cora the host lives within the virtual chat room and displays stock quotes, answer the question and pull up company charts about the company’s performance. This Proof of concepts utilizes Amazon Polly to apply text to speech and Amazon Lex for conversational chatbot functionality. 

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