Thursday 17 May 2018

Verizon now migrates 1000 of applications to the AWS Cloud - AWS is a preferred cloud service provider

Verizon Moves to the AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services has announced a new company that is ready to adopt AWS Cloud Managed Services. Verizon is going to migrate 1000 of applications and databases backend systems into AWS Cloud. Verizon Company earlier had acquired Terremark thinking to have its own organic growth but that plan didn’t work out for them. After that, they sold some data center to Equinox and offloaded its cloud to IBM. But Verizon also did some work in AWS Cloud so with their expedient offerings they were confident with Amazon Web Services.

It has named AWS as a preferred choice but not the only cloud because they want to pick out the service from different cloud tech giants which can benefit them.

Verizon will be migrating the production databases to Amazon Aurora MySQL Relational database service. The oath is a Verizon subsidiary company formed in 2017. It wasn’t a difficult decision for them to make because Oath’s other subsidiary company are already on AWS that is Tumblr, HuffPost, and AOL.

Atte Lahtiranta, Oath’s CTO said that AWS innovative technologies have leveraged their business and that is why they have planned to extend their strategic relationship. Verizon is been on AWS Cloud for a long time since 2015 where they had migrated most of its consumer and business applications in the Amazon Cloud. They have taken this decision so that to reduce the cost and improve their agility with the use of cloud computing resources.

Mahmoud El-Assir, Verizon's SVP of Global Technology Service said that implementing AWS has improved their speed, innovation, and efficiency within the engineering array. It has helped them to deliver best and efficient customer experience.

This deal with Amazon Web Service will eventually benefit both the party with the growing competition in the cloud market. Even though AWS is the lead Cloud leader in the cloud computing market, there are other rivals who are also doubling their gains over the last years. Now companies and business are gradually transitioning from the traditional stand-alone data center to the hybrid cloud applications.

Mike Clayville, AWS Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales said that they are looking forward to working with Verizon to transform their business and innovate on behalf of their customers so that they can focus on the core part of their business. Verizon Team with AWS expertise and cloud services will help them provide unlimited customer satisfaction.

It is to be understood that Verizon has made a smart decision in making a move to the AWS Cloud to improve their service and save cost. Cloud computing is driving the business into innovation and has helped many businesses save on cost.

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