Friday 18 May 2018

Amazon Chime is now available on their new web application browser

Users will now be able to access Amazon Chime from their browser. This new web application brings makes joining meetings easier from any other device having a supported browser including Linux or ChromeOS, without directly downloading or installing the app. This web application will permit users to use Amazon Chime on more devices, keeping them connected and productive. Users can start by simply navigating towards the Amazon Chime web application or click on the meeting link sent as a meeting invitation. Joining meetings don’t require an Amazon Chime account.  Users will be able to use their computer audio, explore shared screens, access and participate in the ongoing meeting chat. A registered Amazon Chime account will bring you features such as group chats, ad-hoc calls, scheduling meeting, meeting host controls, and provide notifications to join scheduled meetings through the auto-call feature.  Chime can be tried for a free 30-day trial period via the Amazon Chime trial page.

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