Friday 4 May 2018

Sky will be using AWS solution to guess who is at the royal wedding

UK’s biggest telecommunication company Sky has decided to work alongside AWS and its supporting partners to help identify and name the guests who are set to appear for the Royal Wedding. They will share a live broadcast of the soon to be royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markel who will tie the knot on the 19th of May.

Sky will be using their facial recognition technology where the machine will first learn and analyze the image in the cloud, enabling viewers to have a look on the guests’ names appearing as subtitles via Sky’s app or online during the broadcast. The viewers can also interact even further if they wish to obtain more information on the people attending.

Along with AWS, Sky has also decided to work with GrayMeta and UI Centric on the upcoming service, titled ‘Who’s Who Live’. GrayMeta will provide the platform to analyze the data which will be combined with Amazon’s Rekognition service for identifying guests. UI Centric has undertaken the responsibility for designing and developing the application and the video player for viewing the ceremony.

GrayMeta’s CTO, John Motz has claimed that viewers will be able to get a remarkable experience through the Who’s Who app as they will also be able to participate in every step of the entire event. This viewing experience will see GrayMeta first harness the power to turn this media creation into an exemplifying content viewing experience for future platforms and upcoming technologies.

AWS will be utilizing the Elemental Live single-channel video encoder at the arrival of guests which will then obtain and process the live video from local input. The video will next be sent to the cloud for processing via the AWS Elemental MediaLive service. The same service will also be utilized for integration the DRM for distribution over the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network.

AWS General Manager, Alex Dunlap has stated that they are excited to assist Sky News over a successful build-up and deployment of the Royal Wedding via the Who’s Who Live app. This app will provide a much higher visibility and the unpredictability towards the size of the audience by making it the best time for utilizing AWS’ cloud services. This also includes ones relating to media giving Sky the ability for quick testing and produce reliable and high-quality experience within weeks and only pay for what resources are being used. In this way, Sky News’ content is made even more engaging for viewers with the enriching content they are offering through the AWS machine learning services.

While Sky and AWS are being applauded for their efforts to come together and bring a new look to the coverage of the Royal Wedding, some may wonder how this situation would play out if t tool places six days later, after the GDPR was in force? Explicit consent would have been required by users if they were to process biometric data.

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