Saturday 5 May 2018

AWS Cloud leads pathway to success; don’t fear the cloud says, Ian Massingham

aws cloud

There is no denying that people have been adopting cloud on a global level as all enterprises have been gaining the awareness of its benefits including its scalability, speed, and future experimentation. McAfee had released a report stating that people adopting for cloud has shown three times the growth in the year 2017.

Major organizations have also claimed that their IT solutions are set to turn cloud-based within the upcoming 15 months. Ian Massingham, who has been working with Amazon Web Services for a decade has been speaking on the evolvement of cloud computing in today’s time.

Enterprises are said to be much comfortable with cloud

Massingham has explained about the change that adoption of cloud services has brought to the enterprise and the comfort levels that such organizations are experiencing with the deployment of cloud technology.

Massingham says that when he first joined AWS, it mainly consisted of course users who were classified as enterprise users, but cloud usage wasn’t done entirely. AWS had very few customers engaged in cloud services as most of them were beginning to make the change from the IT sector to AWS.

He further added, saying that the past five years has seen AWS customers begin the process of migrating towards the cloud, including companies Capital One and News Corp. He has seen companies on a large scale show their trust in cloud computing, which has made it an attractive option for other enterprises to adopt.
AWS and Massingham have seen the enterprises first begin using cloud mainly for development of products to enterprises now using it for core applications including all services related to the IT sector.

Myriad benefits:

Massingham says that people have been warming up to the cloud because of its effective benefits. These benefits have brought greater freedom for all enterprises with respect to reducing the reliance on physical infrastructure bringing financial flexibility within.
Trading on the data centers and IT sector’s capital cost for elastic variable cost, it will be able to scale the usage of the applications and its services so that wastage has been avoided, claims Massingham. Due to the malleability that cloud shows, there will not be any issue towards capacity planning whenever experiments are done towards validation of quick app development.

AWS cloud service users will also receive a major boost due to international deployment and compliance. For example, being a customer of AWS and having customers in the southeastern regions of Asia and if they want to be served locally in Singapore, there are a few regions where a copy of the application can be made within a few minutes.
The business will then be in a position to entirely bring focus and their effort on those things that customers really find valuable, especially in areas where customer service and knowledge will be a key business differential.

Change in security

Massingham has emphasized towards security and the cloud stating that it will always be AWS’ first priority. But, he has also noticed every top-level executive have all been engaged in security conversations compared to the past two years.

For the people who are still hesitating to migrate a part or their entire services to the cloud provider, Massingham provides the evidence through the benefits that Capital One and News Corp have been getting since adapting to a cloud provider, thus looking to eliminate the reluctance that people are showing towards adopting newer technologies.

Even though some companies lack the staff having the necessary IT skills or do not possess the necessary training for managing cloud-based services, they could be concerned about the benefits of adapting to a cloud provider. But, Massingham states that the key is to go ahead and ask the experts and don’t fear the cloud.

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