Tuesday 29 May 2018

Application Load Balancer now adds support for slow start mode for load balancing algorithm

With the latest update, Application Load Balancer now adds support a slow start mode that will allow you to add new targets without staggering them with the floods of requests. With the slow start mode, the targets will warm up before accepting the fair share of a request which will be based on the ramp-up period that you define. Slow start mode is very beneficial for applications that depend on the cache and require a warm-up period before responding to the request with the optimal performance. Slow start mode will be enabled by targeting group and it can be configured for a period of 30 sec to 15 minutes. The load balancer linearly will increase the number of the request which is sent to the new target in the target group or up to its fair share while doing the slow start ramp up window. 

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