Friday 23 March 2018

How business leverages with AWS Lambda functions and API Gateway

AWS Lambda

Most of the organization avoid modernization because of the alteration required to the server which is kind of a complex job. But if you are using the Amazon Web Services API Gateway and Lambda functions then it delivers a way to modernize without any provisioning. 

With AWS Lambda and API Gateway is a powerful function where AWS Lambda just executes code as the set of function without any necessity to provision or manage the underlying servers. And the API management console allows integration between two applications even though if they are two different niches. When they are combined together they create some unique use cases mainly for enterprises with the monolithic legacy applications.

Now many enterprise fears modernizing the whole entire application with a microservices model in just one short because with the risk of disruption of the existing workloads and causes additional technical debt. 

Leveraging business using Lambda and API Gateway:-

Normally it takes weeks or months for integration of projects and it is difficult to perform such task. But with Lambda integration it just takes some days or in some cases it takes hours. You can enhance the implementation over time and easily iterate with AWS Lambda function as it takes only a few changes. There will be no need to manage the server, worry about the compatibility issue or getting additional technical consent. 

With the innovation in technology and rising competition between the enterprises and start-ups, there is a need for an increased speed without any disruption to the current workflow and applications. Now rebuilding and modifying the entire application will be the best strategy so, therefore, this is where AWS Lambda and API Gateway come into the picture where it provides the benefits without technical debt. 

AWS Lambda functions can be used to run large batch data analysis jobs, integration the monolithic app with a modern, execute image optimization in the cloud, a cloud-native platform like Workday or ServiceNow. Lambda function can be also used to build custom applications. API Gateway integrates two applications and receives a request from the monolith. It then authorizes the request and passes it to the Amazon Web Service Lambda that executes the task. Once it’s done the Lambda then sends a response back to the monolith through API Gateway which authorizes the return of the data again. 

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