Thursday 22 February 2018

Why is Cloud Computing the Best Decision you will make for your Business?

cloud computing

Cloud Computing is computing that is based on the pure usage of the Internet on Cloud Platform. Earlier, people normally use to operate their applications or software’s on the physical server or computer on premise. But with Cloud Computing it enables the user to access the applications and programs via the Internet which is stored on Cloud. When you are updating the Facebook status you are in fact utilizing Cloud Computing Service. When you are checking your bank balance then you must be wondering how everything does just reflect on your desktop or mobile in just fraction of second then Cloud Computing is the Answer. Basically, whatever you do on Internet, Cloud Computing is mostly in the Play. 

Now at least 60 percent of the businesses in the world are using Cloud Services and other 30 percent are thinking of moving to the Cloud and the remaining 10 percent are still struggling using on-premise Servers. Most of the businesses are moving to the Cloud because it increases efficiency and is very cost-effective means. The following are the Benefits of cloud computing that will help you understand how cloud computing becomes essential for business these days.

360 Security


No matter what debate people go through about cloud computing the first thing pops into their mind is that how secure is Cloud Computing. For example, if an employee loses its Company’s Laptop where sensitive data are stored on it and there is no copy of the data on the cloud or either on any storage device. I am sure that will be a very frustrating situation but if that data was stored in the Cloud then that person wouldn’t have suffered so much loss. When the data is stored in the cloud then you can access it from anywhere even though if anything happens to the desktop or the laptop. You can also delete the data remotely before it gets into the wrong hands so with cloud computing your data will be much more secure and moreover, you can also get yourself out from any disaster as such. 

Cost Effective


Every Business wants to save money so that they can fuel their future plans for their business. With cloud computing, you will be saving a lot on Expensive hardware that will be required to store your data on-premise server. You just need to pay for the service that you use so that you don’t have to pay for the services and storage that you haven’t utilized. Installing hardware is very tricky but with cloud computing, it is very easy because it’s user-friendly. 



Business who have to fluctuate or grow their bandwidth according to the inflow of the traffic then they should opt for cloud services. With the cloud, it is very convenient to increase or decrease the capacity and storage according to the flow of operating. You can scale your cloud up or down easily on cloud services remote servers. Cloud computing provides the flexibility with scalability and availability which can leverage the business over the competitors.

Competitive Business


Earlier only the business that has more capital could surface at the top of their market but as cloud computing has become available for small business to large scale businesses it has now given hope that even small business can strive hard to come at the top on the ladder. So the large business competitors are encouraged to strive to work harder in giving their customer quality service so this is, in turn, increase competitiveness and also further benefits the community.

Disaster management

Disaster Management:

All business and retailers have a disaster management plan but there are few who don’t and over the years they follow up with great loss. So we learn that disaster management is very essential for business thus large-scale business invests their money and expertise in handling future possible disasters. Well, small business doesn’t have that kind of capital to invest but cloud computing has made it possible for the small business to pick up that trend so that they can save time in recovery of the data, eradicate third-party expertise and avoid large upfront investment. 

Security Updates

Automatic Updates:

Servers that are on-premise require daily supervision so you may have to keep a system administrator to look out for updates and any errors but cloud computing you need not do that. You don’t have to worry about any updates because cloud computing does that for you by updating your software’s and security. You can focus on the business in this way and less time on the server.

Team Effort


If you want to share your application or software with other teams then this can be possible with cloud computing. For example, G Suite is a cloud service where it provides different services which enable team members to edit and view documents so this builds up Team integration. 

Work from home


The main benefit of cloud computing is that you can do your work from anywhere at any time without being confined to particular place. With the traditional server you can’t work remotely thus you are just confined to a place so this makes more rigid and less flexible. A business that offers flexible working trend can actually increase the productivity because this will allow them to balance between life and work.

As you have read the benefits above about cloud computing you must have come to know how important it is for the business to adopt cloud. But cloud computing is not only limited to the benefits that are stated above there are more benefits that cloud computing offers relating to scalability, latency, availability, performance and much more. 

Amazon cloud computing is the lead market in providing cloud computing services by providing storage, machine learning abilities, content delivery network, compute, developer tools, management tools, analytics, security, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Application Integration, Customer Engagement, Business Productivity and much more. You can leverage your business to skyrocket by increasing the performance and reducing the expenditure. Adopting Cloud will be the smart decision because Technology is taking over this era so business getting updated to the latest trend in the business moving to success. 

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