Friday 21 July 2017

Cloud Services can benefit Agencies and Companies in a big way

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Nowadays almost all of the company wants to create optimum outcome out of their data center but before it was costly, time-consuming and confusing. But now as the Cloud Computing Services has taken over the Cloud storage Data center it has become easy to navigate and use such services with minimum cost. 

Amazon Web Services is the Cloud Leader in the Cloud Computing Services and provides a variety of services in Cloud Computing. According to Conrad Unciano, systems engineering manager for CSRA said that Cloud Computing services are keeping pace with the fast-moving nature of private sector workplaces.

At the Amazon Web Services Summit June 14, Uniciano spoke and stressed the importance of the faster development of the services. He said that CSRA is an AWS customer and has migrated over four applications using AWS.  Uniciano has created a study group which focuses on Cloud computing on which they have sessions every week for six to eight hours.

"Unciano said that we are in a data-driven environment which is based on the speed and tempo. Their customers want their data to be collected, analyzed, visualized and shared."

Most of the private sector companies and agencies have to deal with tons of data and also their staff. Collection data can take up to 80 percent of the data analyst time but with AWS Cloud computing services it consumes less time and it is cost effective too, said Dave Vennergrund, Director of Data Science Service Area at CSRA. 

Vennergrund explained an incident he encountered when they worked with Federal Aviation Administration so to aggregate different data sources while filing a “Loss of Separation report. The report specifies as to how the two planes failed to maintain the statistic distance in the air which is compiled manually. With AWS clouds they could easily draw various data together to understand as to how the loss of separation happened.

Andy Chang, a practice manager of National Security Professional Services for AWS Worldwide Public Sector, was talking about how AWS Cloud Computing has helped in intelligence company fast pace. He said that moving to the cloud is just a technology change which is an easy part but people should also adapt to the changing nature of cloud computing services. Cloud has become the new normal not only for the Silicon Valley Start-ups but also for the intelligence community.

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