Thursday 1 February 2018

Druva now launches SaaS solutions on Amazon Web Services, Mumbai Region

Druva delivers Data protection and management has now announced the availability of its SaaS solutions with the Druva’s Phoenix and inSync from the Amazon Web Services Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region. The Amazon Web Services Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region is built and designed to meet the meticulous compliance standard by offering high levels of security for all the Amazon Web Services Customers. 

The Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region like the rest of the AWS Region is compliant with the implementation of local and national data protection laws. Druva is the first company to offer speed and flexibility that enterprises require for their management needs and critical data protection. As the India Companies is exponentially moving to the cloud Druva is aiming to provide data sovereignty within India says CEO and Founder of Druva, Jaspreet Singh.

Druva inSync offers a unified platform to discover, preserve and protect end user data at endpoints and cloud applications. It also delivers full suite of management functions such as auditing, remediation, back and restore, eDiscovery enablement, ramsomware recovery, compliance monitoring and OS migration. 

Druva Phoenix offers snapshots and retention features that will provision centralized management of backups and removing the need for error-prone, outdated and heavily manual approach which will be cost-effective method. 

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