Friday 2 February 2018

Amazon Web Services revenue extended to 45 percent in the Fourth quarter

Amazon Web Services Revenue has exceeded the analyst’s expectancy for the Fourth quarter by sales hiking up to 45 percent. Amazon Web Services is again proving that it is earning sales and revenue at a greater rate with the follow up by Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, IBM, and Oracle. Amazon Web Services has earned $5.11 billion in the Fourth Quarter and $17.46 billion in the year 2017. The Analyst had expected AWS to earn $4.97 in the Fourth Quarter but AWS has exceeded their expectancy. 

Amazon Web Services has a revenue run rate of $20 billion and over. AWS Cloud is becoming essential contributor to its parent company. Amazon’s revenue is gradually increasing into 10 percent of revenue contributed by AWS. Amazon Web Services is also provisioning more operating income year by year to Amazon which will deliver capital for additional investment. In the fourth quarter the Amazon Web Services Operating Income estimated to more than the 60 percent for the entire Amazon. 

Amazon Web Services have been launching its new services for transcription and translation which reveals a camera for the developers that will be able to do artificial intelligence computation and AWS has announced the data centres just for the U.S intelligence agencies. Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS said that the public cloud now offers more than hundred services in various niche relating to Cloud Computing. Indeed AWS is increasing their sales and revenue which benefits customers, partners and Amazon.  

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