Thursday 1 February 2018

AWS acquires Sqrrl and how it will work for DevSecOps

Amazon Web Services has purchased the Cambridge Security Startup that has an advanced threat detection cloud platform provider. Mark Terenzoni, CEO of Sqrrl announced that they are thrilled to share that Sqrrl is been acquired by the Amazon. They also added that they will be joining AWS family and looking forward to working together on the customer offerings in the future. 

As AWS has now collaborated with Sqrrl it indicates that the cloud will now be providing security with stronghold features with great security enhancements in coming months. By having a powerful and strong security system will prevent security threats like Spectre, Meltdown and much more. It will help AWS to prevent catastrophic damage in the future. 
Sqrrl’software will allow the security analyst to detect and solve the threats quickly. Their software unites machine learning algorithms, multi-petabyte scalability capabilities, and link analysis. Sqrrl uses the user behavior analytics to understand and discover the security issue. This will enable the security team to focus their attention on the specific area instead of working altogether just to find the particular area of concern. This feature helps in the DevOps Space and throughout the network monitoring space. 

DevSecOps is a term derived when the security is integrated with DevOps. Security when integrated with the cloud platform solution market and DevOps becomes a proven example of AWS Acquisition. Security Integration with DevOps and Cloud Platform Solution Market has become a fundamental solution to facing many security threats and making the cloud experience more smoothly. 

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