Thursday 4 January 2018

Amazon Relational Database Service for PostgreSQL now supports M4, T2 and 4 Instance Types

With Amazon Relational Database Service for PostgreSQL you can now launch R4, db.t2.xlarge, db.t2.2xlarge and db.m4.16xlarge instances types. The R4 instance is the newest generation of the Memory-Optimized instances that features all earlier-generation sizes with the addition of a new 16xlarge instance size. 

R4 instances are developed for latency-sensitive database and memory-intensive workloads that consist in-memory databases, high-performance production workloads, and data analytics. They provide between 15.25 GiB to 488 GiB of the DDR4 memory and 2 to 64 vCPUs. The R4 instances now a feature improved Networking and also supports 14 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth for storage and 25 Gbps of network bandwidth. T2 instances provide low-cost burstable CPU performance. 

The db.t2.xlarge delivers 16 GiB of memory and 4 vCPU. The db.t2.2xlarge delivers 32 GiB of memory and 8 vCPU. Such Instances are preferred for workloads that frequently need constant baseline CPU performance with a very rare period of time of the need to burst to higher CPU performance such as database workloads in development and test environments. 

The M4 instances offer a balance of network, memory and compute resources. The db.m4.16xlarge instance delivers 256 GiB of memory and 64 vCPUs. The M4 instances feature Elastic Network Adapter that is based on Improved Networking and it also supports up to 25 Gbps of Network Bandwidth and 10 Gbps of the dedicated to the storage. 

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