Thursday 21 December 2017

Amazon Web Service Beanstalk now supports Amazon CloudWatch Log Streaming

Amazon Web Service Elastic Beanstalk now permit you to automatically stream server logs and application directly from the Elastic Beanstalk that is managed by the Elastic Cloud Compute instances to the Amazon CloudWatch Logs log group. 

With this new release, you can now archive and monitor the Elastic Beanstalk application, custom log file and system. You can also set your alarms to make it convenient for you to take action on the particular log stream event that the metric filters extract. 

The Amazon CloudWatch logs agent installed on the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute service in the environment launched metric data points to the Amazon CloudWatch service for each group as you configure. Each and every log group implements its own filter design to specify what log stream events to send to the Amazon CloudWatch as the data points. The Log streams that are on the same log group share the same access, retention and monitoring control settings. 

AWS Elastic Beanstalk can now configure to automatically stream logs to the Amazon CloudWatch services as mentioned in the Streaming CloudWatch Logs. Now AWS Elastic Beanstalk can now accelerate Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Instances on demand when you have the feature enabled. 

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