Wednesday 20 December 2017

Amazon API Gateway now supports the Tagging API stages

Tags can now be assigned to the API stages in the Amazon API Gateway. By utilizing the tag the customers can now conveniently track and categorize cost allocation for API request caching and invocation. A tag is a note that you are assigned to the API stage where it includes a value and a key. It is a metadata that can be assigned to the Amazon Web Service Resources. Tags are utilized to categorize and track resources that will differentiate from other tags in a single Amazon Web Service Account. 

Tags can be utilized to organize the resources and track Amazon Web Service Cost on a detailed level. You can manage your cost allocation for caching and request invocation that will be associated with the stage. When you tag a Department then it will be like Accounts to API stage and it displays in the Amazon Web Service Billing Management Console as the cost allocation tag. It can also be utilized for grouping and filtering usage and cost using the Cost Explorer. It can be removed, listed or assigned tags using the Amazon Web Service Management Console, API Gateway REST API and SDKs or AWS CLI. Tags will be only implemented for the stage resource. You can use maximum 50 tags with a key length of 128 Unicode characters and tag value of 256 Unicode characters. 

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