Monday 13 November 2017

With RI Utilisation Report that is available in AWS Cost Explorer you can now monitor Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift and Amazon ElastiCache Reservations

Amazon Web Service has announced that you can now monitor Amazon RDS, Amazon Red Shift and Amazon Elastic Reservation with additional Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance by utilizing the RI utilization report that is available in the Amazon Web Service Cost Explorer. The Reserve Instance report anticipates the purchasing account’s reservation utilization which is the percentage of the reserved hours against the purchased reservation and it also offers additional reservation related information. To evaluate utilization of the specific reservations or the set of reservations the users can utilize a variety of filtering dimensions such as the Amazon Web Service platform, node type or instances and region. The users can also set a user-defined utilization target so that to identify the reservations which are tracking below and above the threshold. 

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