Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Amazon Pinpoint has now added multiple Improved Push Notifications

Amazon Pinpoint has added support for Apple PushKit Framework and it consists of extended support for message priority, Time to Live and collapse keys for the Apple Push Notification Service and Firebase Cloud Messaging. Incorporation with the Pushkit Framework into the application offers several advantages over the traditional push notifications. If the application is not working when the users receive the notification then the operating system can preload certain background processes. This feature will result in higher performance and quick load time when the users click the notification panel. Collapse keys will help the user to avoid the superfluous notification. Message Priority allows you point out the importance of each notification that is sent. High Priority notification is immediately delivered to the other users but that also depends on the recipient operating system. Time to live will enable you to point out the number of time that the message will be saved by the push notification service. 

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