Monday 20 November 2017

Amazon is setting its bar higher by pulling up sales to 34 percent in Quarter 3

AWS Cloud Revenue

Amazon Web Service has announced its Quarter 3 Sales financial results for the year 2017 on Thursday by revealing its strong growth in North America and breaking the estimates set in the market in all AWS segments. Amazon Web Service is a Seattle based technology company that has posted its net income of $256 million in the 3rd quarter.

Amazon Web Service is a small division of the Amazon’s business in terms of net sales but although it does accounts for a huge segment of Amazon’s profits. Amazon Web Service net sales have come to $4.58 billion for the quarter and provision an operating income of $1.17 billion. AWS has managed to grow continuously productively over the years with the healthy pace of 42 percent even compared to the competition from Google and Microsoft grows significantly.

Amazon Web Service Quarter Revenue

With the Earlier Quarter at $16 billion, Amazon Web Service run rate stands now at $18 billion where it indicated that the revenue is growing significantly strong and the usage rate is also growing faster which indicates that AWS receives additional workloads from the existing customers and gains new customers daily.

Amazon Web Service is integrated with Alexa which is also a segment of Amazon thus the new abilities of Alexa are available to all the Echo customers and not only for those who buy a new device. AWS offers various services and is integrated with many products and services which makes it a universal technology. So when such a product is being used worldwide, AWS is expected to pull a lot of revenue and resources in coming years.

AWS is also working on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence which is the on-going trend in the technology era. They are working not only based on the present scenario but are also working on the technologies that are going to be introduced in future. 

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