Tuesday 24 October 2017

Amazon Web Service Deep Learning AMI now supports Latest Deep learning Frameworks, Pytorch and Keras 2

Amazon Web Service announced an update to the AWS Deep Learning AMI. The Amazon Web Service Deep Learning AMI allows you to spin up entire deep learning environment on AWS with a single click that consists with Keras 1.2, PyTorch, and 2.0 support with popular machine learning core structure such as the Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, and Caffe2. The Amazon Machine Image now consists of Pytorch 0.2.0 that enables the developers to build a dynamic neural network in the Python which is a good fit for dynamic inputs such as time and text series. Amazon Machine Image also now supports the latest version of Keras v2.0.8. The Keras code will run by default against the TensorFlow as a backend where you can also switch to the other supported backends such as the CNTK and Theano. There is also a modified version of Keras 1.2.2 that operates on the Apache MXNet backend with high-performance training. Amazon Machines Images has also included Gluon a newer version of an open source deep learning interface that enables developers to conveniently and swiftly build machine learning models without infiltrating the performance. 

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