Tuesday 24 October 2017

Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle supports new M4, R4 and T2 Instance types

While using the Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle you can launch db.t2.2xlarge, db.t2.xlarge, db.m4.16xlarge, and R4. R4 Instances is the latest generation of Memory Optimized instances that features all earlier generation sizes with the addition of new 16xlarge instance size. It is optimized for latency-sensitive database workloads and memory intensive that consists of data analytics, high-performance production workloads, and in-memory databases. T2 instances provide low-cost burstable CPU performance. T2 instances are preferred for workloads that need constant baseline CPU performance with occasional requirement to burst to higher CPU performance such as the developer environments and small database workloads in the test. M4 instances offer a balance of network resources, compute and memory. By modifying the existing DB instances you can run the databases of the earlier generation instances to the latest R4, Larger T2 and M4 instances sizes. Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle makes it convenient to operate, set up and scale the Oracle Database Deployments in the cloud.

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