Thursday 5 October 2017

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017

AWS announced a new support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud with the integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2017. With this latest release, Microsoft SQL server 2017 workloads will benefit from the scale, elasticity and performance of the Amazon Web Service Cloud. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 can be deployed always-On Availability Groups on all the AWS Availability zones for improvised availability and data durability. 

When the SQL Server Database is deployed on Amazon Web Service, the customers will benefits from the security capabilities from Amazon Web Service such as the Data encryption, AWS Virtual Private Cloud and incorporation with Amazon Web Service Microsoft Active Directory for role-based access control at the same time also improving the security enhancement offered in SQL server 2017 such as Dynamic data masking, row level security and always-on encrypted. 

You can incorporate the SQL Server deployments with various other Amazon Web Services such as the Amazon EC2 System Manager, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS CloudWatch to offer convenient deployment, monitoring, management and other administrative tasks. Such features will aid to make sure that your SQL Server Deployments meet you manageability, performance, availability and security requirements while leveraging from the scale and agility of the Amazon Web Service Cloud. 

When you will be operating the SQL Server 2017 on Amazon Elastic C2 you will be able to take any advantages of the latest features in Microsoft SQL Server 2017 such as the container support for Graph databases, automatic database tuning, DevOps Scenarios as well as R and Python analytics. 

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