Friday 8 September 2017

With Amazon EC2 F1 you can use OpenCL Development Environment to improvise your CC++ Applications and F1 instances is available now in EU (Ireland) Region and US West (Oregon)

Amazon EC2 F1 instances are easy was introduced earlier this year where the customers, developers, research community and partners have excitingly adopted this feature. F1 are being used by the customers for improvising a variety of set of applications such as video processing, genomic processing, security, machine learning and data analytics. AWS Marketplace is being used by the F1 Developers and Partners so that they can make their innovation available to the wide expanded community of Amazon Web Service Customers. Customers can now use OpenCL with Amazon EC2 F1 FPGA instances to improvise their C/C++ applications. F1 instances are available now in EU (Ireland) Region and US West (Oregon) and to get started using the Amazon Web Service Management Console.

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