Friday 8 September 2017

Amazon Web Service HIPAA Eligibility Update with Eight additional Services introduced

As you know that HIPAA and HITECH chose Amazon Web Service for its Cloud computing needs where as AWS is chosen as reliable host for Life Science and Healthcare Applications. AWS announce in May that has introduced to the list of HIPAA eligible services that are Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon API Gateway, AWS Database Migration Service and AWS Direct Connect and also discussed how the partners are using them to use.

Amazon Web Service has announced eight more eligible Services to the HIPAA list.....

1.    Amazon Web Service Shield:-

It can be used to secure the web applications such as programming the system that works on encrypted PHI from DDoS attacks and patient care portals.

2.    Amazon Cognito:-

It can be used to validate users into mobile patient portal and the payment and billing processing applications that use PII/PHI identifiers for accounts.

3.    Amazon Simple Notification Service:-

Amazon SNS is utilized to send notifications that consist encrypted PII/PHI as part of the patient care, mobile applications and payment processing.

4.    Amazon Web Service Web Application Firewall:-

AWS Web Application Firewall can be utilized to secure the application operating on the Amazon Web Service that runs on PHI such as patient scheduling systems, HIEs and Patient Care Portals. Through AWS WAF you can now pass Responses and Request incorporated with encrypted PII and PHI.

5.    Amazon WorkSpace:-

Amazon WorkSpace is used by the hospital administrators, informaticists, and researchers and other users to visualize process or analyze PII/PHI data utilizing the on-demand Windows Virtual Desktops.

6.    Amazon CloudFront:-
Amazon CloudFront can be used to improve the transfer and delivery of Protected Health Information data to applications on the internet. By offering a completely encryptable and secure pathway the Amazon CloudFront can be utilized as a part of applications that is necessary to cache PHI. This consists of an application for viewing the imaging data or lab results and those that migrate PHI from HIEs.

7.    Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration:-

Amazon S3 is utilized to improvise the large amount of transfer of a bulk amount of research, informatics, insurance, genetics, payment data consist of PII/PHI information. Transferring procedure can take place between the AWS Region or on- premise system or from Amazon Web Service Region.

8.    AWS Directory Service:-

AWS Directory Service can be used to link the authorization and authentication system of organization that utilizes or processes the resources in the Amazon Web Service Cloud.

There are also Additional HIPAA Resources that will aid you in creating an application that complies with HITECH and HIPAA such as HIPAA Eligible Services Reference, HIPAA Compliance, Health Customer Service, Healthcare Compliance in the cloud, Healthcare Partner Solutions, Architecting for HIPAA in the Cloud and AWS HIPPAA Compliance Whitepaper.

To use Amazon Web Service that is collaborated with Protected Health Information you have to first sign up into Amazon Web Service Business Associate Addendum (BAA).

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