Friday, 1 September 2017

Fast Database Cloning is now supported by Amazon Aurora

Amazon has announced that Amazon Aurora now supports Database Clones. Users of Amazon Aurora MySQL can now build quick and optimised Database Clones. When the Original Database Cloning Announcement was in June 2017 the copy operation duration has been gradually decreased so the whole multi-terabyte cluster can be cloned.

Cloning is very beneficial for a variety of purposes such as running analytical queries, application development, testing data base updates and much more. When your data availability is increased it will simultaneously improve the software development and upgrade projects which will make your analytics more accurate.

With just few click in AWS Management Console, you can clone an Amazon Aurora Data without interrupting the production environment. The clone is duplicated and distributed on 3 availability zones. You can build clones of clones and also build a variety of clones on the same database.

You just have to pay for the instance hours used and you don’t have to pay storage charges for the cloning operation that means that you can create unlimited database copies. If you make any data changes then you will be charged for it.

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