Saturday 2 September 2017

Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs is now Generally Available

Amazon Web Service has now announced that Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs is now Generally Available. Amazon Elastic GPUs enables you to conveniently attach low-cost graphics acceleration to the wide range of Amazon EC2 instances over the network. You just have to select an instance with the appropriate amount of computing, storage and memory for the application and then choose Elastic GPUs to add the GPU resources which are needed to increase the graphics performance of the application for some part of the cost of standalone graphics instances. Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute GPUs that makes it convenient to add graphics acceleration to the current Amazon EC2 instances in a similar way by attaching Amazon EBS volumes. You can set up the right amount of graphics acceleration to the specified workload without being compelled by fixed hardware configuration and limited GPU selection. Amazon Elastic GPUs supports OpenGL 3.3 that provides 8GiB of GPU memory by making them optimal for any workload that requires a small amount of additional GPU such as HPC visualization, gaming, industrial design and virtual desktops. Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs are now in four sizes which are available now in US East (Ohio) and US East (N. Virginia) Regions.

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