Thursday 7 September 2017

Amazon WorkSpaces is now available in EU (London) Region

Amazon Web Service has announced that Amazon WorkSpace is now available in EU (London) Region by increasing the number of Amazon Web Service Region Workspaces is now available to eight. With this new release, you can provide WorkSpace closer to the users by offering a more proactive experience. You can also now quickly remove or add WorkSpace to meet the ever changing demand without the burden of additional cost and intricacy of on premises VDI infrastructure. Amazon WorkSpace is a secure Desktop as a service (DaaS) and is a fully managed service that runs on the Amazon Web Service. Amazon Web Service offers virtual cloud based Microsoft Windows desktops for the users and also allowing them access to the applications, resources and documents they need anytime and anywhere from any supported devices. For using Amazon WorkSpaces you just have to pay hourly or monthly that indeed help you to save money compared to the on premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions and Traditional Desktops.

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