Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Amazon Chime supports the Quick Actions on Apple Watch, Ipad and Iphone

Amazon Web Service has announced that Amazon Chime users can now set of quick actions straight from the app icon and the lock screen when using the iOS devices including Apple Watch, Ipad, and iPhone. Users can quickly respond from their lock screen to their messages, mute notifications, notify participants that you are running late, join or decline meetings without any necessity to unlock the devices and open the Amazon Chime app. Amazon Chime app has a 3D Touch where the users can start a new conversation or can have an instant meeting. The Quick action enables users to reply to Amazon Chime activities with few interruptions. Amazon Chime is real-time, secure, communications service that streamlines online meetings, video conferencing, chat, and calls. Amazon Chime provides pay-as-you-go pricing with no infrastructure to deploy and no upfront payments. Amazon chime is free for 30 days so you can go and give a try!

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