Monday 4 September 2017

A new feature in Amazon Lex offers Synonyms for slot values

Amazon Lex is now introduced with a new feature that offers synonyms for slot values. This feature gives the customer an advantage to choose multiple synonyms for a slot value in the chatbot. The synonyms chosen are determined to the corresponding slot values. The slot value is a comedy and the synonym associated with is funny and humorous well when the user types funny then it will directly associate with comedy. You Business Logic can be optimized by applying the code for the slot value instead of implementing to the entire set of the synonyms. The chatbot can also find out minor variants of the slot value compare to the original value without any need of the user to unquestionably specify the synonym. It can also be set to a fixed set of values by validating and restricting the user input. This can be allowed by setting up the slot resolution strategy so that slot is determined only when the user values are similar to one of the slot values or the synonym.

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