Thursday 17 August 2017

Amazon DynamoDB now is integrated with VPC Endpoints is now available in the market

VPC EndPoint is now available on DynamoDB which allows the AWS customers to have a network traffic between Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud which consist within the AWS cloud instead of spanning all over the public internet. DynamoDB is offering a data protection and security by using the TLS endpoints for encryption in transit. It is a client side encryption library and a fine grained access control by using the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) that provides control at the attribute and item level. With this new development, it improves the security and privacy of the application with audit requirements and strict compliance to handle the sensitive data. There is no additional cost for this feature. You will not need an internet gateway or NAT gateway which will ensure that it is far away from the public internet. It offers simplified network configuration, therefore, there is no need to set up a firewall. You can also customize the IAM policies to avail DynamoDB access via VPC endpoints from your corporate network and also only from the particular applications.

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